Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Being Patient

Yesterday night I was lying in bed and thinking how horrible the world is because everyone is born different sizes. I wish there was a standard size everyone's body would be born as. No only would bullying and eating disorders not exist, but everyone's self esteem would be higher (although I suppose humans would just find something else to laugh at others about).

The incident that triggered this trail of thought was a Chess Chocolate dress from Angelic Pretty. As you may know, I am seeking the pink jabot JSK for an upcoming New Year's gathering. However, the one seller I've found is of a reasonably bigger size than I am. (I am 82~84CM bust, 63cm waist; the seller is about 100cm bust alone). I know that Chess Chocolate is considered to be a good plus-sized dress because of the full back shirring, but now I'm concerned that when I receive the dress, the shirring will be all stretched and worn out. My Wonder Story dress in red, which I also bought from a friend who is a larger size than me, already has the elastic in the shirring loose-ish when I pulled on it. (Compared to my Honey Cake and Sugar Hearts JSK which have like-new back shirring).

I really don't like how lolita fashion makes everything one-size. Even Emily Temple Cute dresses are a bit loose on me, but they are still a better fit than AP. I feel a little annoyed that the dresses are stretched out by larger wearers that eventually resell them (used). I know this is selfish of me, because humans cannot control what size their bodies will be, but I just feel annoyed that such a beautiful and perfect dress may not fit me (and already even if bought brand-new, the standard measurements still wouldn't fit me well).

I'm not saying plus-sized lolitas shouldn't wear lolita, I'm just frustrated at how hard it has been to find the dress I want to buy. And the one seller I did find happens to be of a different size than I am, just makes me a bit troubled...

And lol while I was typing this some old man stopped to "admire how fast I typed" and told me how he used to teach people how to type on typewriters. But now he cannot even type on the computer anymore! Oh, the woes of aging, and also the woes of shirring... 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I... am so... bored!!!

During the final exams week, our school library is open 24/7 and tonight I find myself in the library because someone needs to study for his exam on Saturday and he doesn't feel ready. On the bright side, Sari and Donny are here as well, so they stopped by to say hello... other than that, tonight has been relatively uneventful...

I am not even in the mood for my usual perusing of online goods. The only thing I'm really hoping to buy is the Chess Chocolate Jabot JSK so I can wear it to a New Year's gathering end of this month. Really I am so bored...I can't wait until all the final exams are over and also the stupid holiday sales craze... Working retail and dealing with customer service issues for people is so exhausting!

Anyway, I already planned that for Christmas I will wear my Holy Night Story JSK! Finally~~ I get a chance to wear it! And apparently, the group will be making gingerbread houses. So I'm super excited to wear my dress. I also saw adorable stockings that would match the dress perfectly! I don't have a black blouse, but I'm hoping to get away with white or red.

For New Year's gathering I was hoping to do a simple and cute coordinate with pink Chess Chocolate... however, I am a little worried about how to do my hair. Many of my wigs I am not fond of... so I was thinking maybe I would just curl my natural hair and leave my style a bit more simple? Why am I even thinking about my coordinates right now~~?? I haven't worn lolita for a long time...

I think afterwards I will drive to eat late-night pho~~~~ Because after enduring this pointless time of myself not studying, I should really get a break... I guess tonight I'm not going to be getting my regular 8 hours of sleep!! Oh well!!!
The final exam is worth 25%.  It is a three part exam:

Part 1 consists of three questions--one each on "Penelope," "Leda and the Swan," and "Siren Song" (150-200 words);

Part 2 consists of two questions--one each on The Hunger Games and Pygmalion (200-250 words);

Part 3 consists of one essay (500-600 words) on The Penelopiad (you will have a choice of topics).

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Strangely, I knew about the end
So I’m sad, I’m sadder 
When I look at you

I see you for the last time
You’re still pretty, even prettier 
When I look at you

Tuesday. Lazy December. The ground outside covered with a light blanket of snow. Like so many years before.
What's new with me? Whenever my mood is not good, I step away from blogging publicly online. And then I discover so many things, countless things, that I can't possibly catch up on... Which is true again for this time around.

I bought a pair of super cute sheep slippers from Bath & Body Works. I spent the day showing them off to my friends at work. Cloud, Vincent, and Mr. H. They are a bunch of guys, but they always humour my childish antics. I mean, what guy cares about a pair of girly slippers? But I appreciate their care for me, not as a coworker, but as a friend.

Completely adorable right~? Totally my style, rii~iight~~? ^^

...I really love sheep. They're so cute, and the reason isn't purely because I was born in that Chinese zodiac sign, haha. Everything about these slippers are gorgeous because the pink bow is sparkly (even though the photo doesn't accurately reflect this) and the under-side of the ears are also lined with the beige material for the face. As soon as I saw them in the window, I had to buy them!

As for the music front, I want to write a post about the two new CDs in my life (Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" and G-Dragon's "COUP D'ETAT"... Lady Gaga's CD is catchy but un-relatable... and so is GD's so I'll probably delve into that some other time.

Anyway... ~

Saturday, November 30, 2013


“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” --Dita Von Teese 

I haven't posted anything lolita-related for a while. I want to blog about my Halloween event last month but I've been busy and... not in the best mood because of recent happenings.

I feel like I'm living two separate lives where during the day everything is peachy and I'm experiencing new things but at the same time whenever night falls I think back to the past, and my memories there for two years. Sometimes I feel guilt, which I should rightfully feel... and sometimes I feel numb, like what happened was eventually going to happen anyway.

I ripped up the notes inspired by dreams. I tore up every root and threw away all. I remember vividly the last tears that fell upon your shoulder and melted away for ever. lost forever.

I thought this was a sign...

I wasn't a good person; does karma exist? Is happiness a sort of torture?
Do I deserve to be so happy and lucky, when someone who gave me their everything was so deeply wounded and betrayed?
I don't care about others... I don't care what others think
I will be happy.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


little bad girl (instrumental) - david guetta
heartless - kanye west
aural synapse - deadmau5

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
< /fall back into old habits >

I can't believe David Guetta, deadmau5 and especially Kanye West are helping me get over my recent sad happenings. The truth is, I am also taking it very hard, and I am trying not to think about it. I haven't found anything else makes me feel happy, at least not in the deeper meaning of the word where I feel an emotional fulfillment. I don't mind being alone, I guess. I don't mind smiling at the few people that have listened and supported me always, which are friends I don't see everyday and my co-workers at Cellcom.

Sometimes when I feel like I want to cry, nothing comes out. I guess that means my brain has already stacked up a wall around my heart to protect me; and I wonder, how much longer until I start to feel again? Do I need to heal, or, can I be happy being independent while only leaning on my friends?

I have just been working and going to school and we are moving to a kiosk soon which I am not excited about but that's life -- and ... now that I have free time, I'm just going to focus on school and work out more. Nothing else I can do

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dreamy Night Star

I got a special nail design for the month of October; the design features large round sparkles for the tips and glittery stars throughout. This is the closest I come to a Halloween-spooky theme, since I did a sort of dreamy lavender colour with purple stars~ sort of like a pastel night sky.

Ring finger has a small white bow with a purple star center~

I really start to love my recent sets of nails. I switched from a square shape to a rounder feminine shape~ (although Shan says she likes square shape better...)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bon Bon

It amazes me how adorable Emily Temple Cute's items are! I fell in love with a bunny pouch from their web shop. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to splurge on this item, but this gold bunny pouch would be great to hold my make-up items and would match so well with my gold Milk heart bag!

Adorbs. Also comes in pink! Two of my favourite colours.

I wish I could find some time to compile a wishlist and then save up money to buy the items~~ *^^* There's a lot of cute items I want to buy but I've been working to save some money.

I want to find time to re-decorate my room, maybe buy a new wardrobe? And mattress? Sounds fun to redecorate since I really am not moving out anytime soon. I should focus on writing my essay tonight on Galatea!!!

Talk soon xo

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pink Biscuit

My Emily Temple Cute biscuit JSK arrived this week and the dress is super cute. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)♫ I don't regret swapping the ivory for the pink, because pink suits into my wardrobe a lot better.

Slapped together an experimental coord: everything ETC, except the bag~

I rarely see any photos of the biscuit dress in pink. I only see it in the ivory and blue colour. So I'm pretty stoked to wear this dress. Although the cutting at the bust of my ivory dress was a bit nicer, I'm not going to mind it.

I made a hair bow out of my hair~~or maybe they are cat ears?

Thanks for visiting!!! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lacy Cat Princess II

A test coordinate in darker colours for fall.(*^^*)
This is the photos of the coordinate I described in the earlier post~

AP's Lacy Princess JSK, Grimoire tights, Antique BeasT headdress

Since this is my first black coordinate (I usually deck myself in pink, white, beige and lighter colours) I did not have a black blouse, but luckily this Juicy Couture blouse matches well with the ensemble. I will wait and see what the finalized coordinate will look like!

Thanks for visiting!*・゜゚・*✧˖°

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If people still have a problem, let them go. 
If they support you, do good for them. 
If the world still doesn't understand, let them go to hell
They can go to hell! 
- Marjaani Marjaani, Billu Barber

Friday, September 27, 2013

Lacy Cat Princess

Oh, I'm super happy. I have a new co-ord, finally. I've been too shy to wear lolita lately, but with colder weather and Halloween coming up, I planned a spooky-ish coordinate which will mark the first time I will be wearing black! *^^* I find it really weird for me to wear lolita without a wig... but I haven't picked up my wig from my friend yet. Maybe the pink wig isn't a good idea? Maybe I should fix the Gabalnara one and wear that, or just default back to the Prisila wig I always wear?

I managed to score a low price on a new 2013 AP JSK~ "Lacy Princess"! So I'm suuuper thrilled to pair that dress with my Antique BeasT bat/cat ear headdress and Grimoire cat tights. We'll have to see how things go, I'm not sure where I will be wearing this coordinate yet but hopefully to school? Or something. 

Sigh, I have homework due next week... I really don't want to do that! But I must get started. If only I didn't have so much work... I don't really want to work but I need money to support my hobbies and maintain my lifestyle... but I should really be focused on studying.

Anyway~~ Can't wait to test out my lacy cat princess coordinate~~!!!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Leaf Update

Protecting myself from the sun with my leafy parasol!

Greetings, all! After a tiring day of work, when I finally get home and have a chance to unwind, I love to play some Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I love how the game is essentially continuous in that there is never a shortage of things to do. My house is incomplete, as is my town. I thought I'd write about some updates that have been happening in the town of Yu'Shan!

Well, for starters... I've been too lazy to ferry over to the tropical island, so I've been farming perfect fruit and selling it off at Shan's town. I have also been pillaging her town's perfect apples. (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) I think perfect apples are more beautiful-looking than perfect oranges... /// Shhh!

Anywho, Mira moved into town! She is a cheery bunny in a superhero-esque outfit. I believe her design is based off Sailor Venus (Mirako derived from Minako). I don't know how I feel about her yet, so whether I'll keep her in my town or not remains to be seen. She's quite cute though.

Visiting my pink rococo-themed house! ♡

I mailed Ribbot a Starry Night Tee, and the next day I couldn't believe he was actually wearing it! For some reason, I have an affinity for Frog villagers.

I like Ribbot because his name is incredibly "pun-ny", and I like how the name suits the character. When he first moved in I thought he looked super scary... but having a robot bodyguard for a villager doesn't seem too bad! I mean, what's one more frog. No other cute villagers are moving in as of yet, anyway!

My two little froggies.

Well, sorry for the rambling and~~ hope we can play together sometime!!!
(❁ ´◡` ❁)*✲゚*

Too cute!!

A super tan Mayor and Katie board the train~~

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pygmalion II

For English class, I have to analyze a poem and write an essay about it. Naturally, I chose a poem relating to the Greek myth "Pygmalion". Galatea was a sculpture turned into a woman by the gods. And she never asked for it and resents Aphrodite a bit, because why didn't the goddess of beauty just make Pygmalion fall in love with a regular woman?
Lately even before Pygmalion finishes his breakfast, he rushes to his new sculptures to see if they also have been brought to life. Wow... what a curse. Aphrodite gives a mortal what he wants, and this just encourages selfish human behaviour, no appreciation... Just wanting more and more, a greediness... But oh, I suppose Galatea does find it fascinating to be alive.
I analyze it as... A human longing for an impossible goal or wish, and once it has been granted... Humans just move onto the next wish or goal... No appreciation... just wanting more. And this can hurt others... I suppose~
Need to convert these scattered thoughts into a real essay, soon...

“Galatea”            by Katherine Solomon
He never aske me how I’d feel about it.
Of course they never do. It’s true,
his adoration rew more from the milky
ivory than the curves of my form:
a deep flutter—though it was still
hard to tell if the warmth was the warmth
of his gaze, from his hands
when he put the mallet down and ran
them over my emerging
self, or if it was that spot
of godhood, present
even in the mutest matter.

O Aphrodite. Why
didn’t you just touch his eyes
when some fairly comely maiden passed—
and spare me all this pain
in my joints, my heart? With life
you gave me death, and growing
old and old and old. And lately,
even before he breaks
his fast, he rushes past me,
hoping this will be the day he’ll see
a trembling begin
under the sculptor’s cloth
again. My hands, offering
the morning bread, stumble
in his wake. But, oh!
The colours of dawn. How they move
across my living arms.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Time Is Now

The time is almost noon, and I sit in my living room sipping on a warm cup of darling darjeeling, one of La Petite Cuillère's signature house blends. (I may have brewed the cup too strong for my own taste.) In any case, I have work soon, but I am feeling lethargic and my mind is wandering everywhere.

Everyone has secrets, don't they? Deep and dark, we don't want anyone else to know, and sometimes they are buried so deep within ourselves we forget we even had them. Until they resurface, somehow. Reflection. (Sometimes I think I'm a very strange creature.)

I can't really describe where I am in life. I am cheerful, but I'm not wearing a mask to hide anything. I really am starting to feel content with life, and how things are, but I am also always striving for improvement. I think this sort of contentedness comes with age... or maturity.

We all have to build a strong inner pillar, like Sprout Tower in Pokemon Gold & Silver. (Don't worry, I also laugh at the geekiness of my own examples.)

That way, no matter what outside circumstances may occur, this doesn't shake us or UNROOT us (Ha, get it? Bellsprout pun) from who we really are and where we want to be.

I know who my friends are and I know who really cares about me, but I am still going to put myself out there and give others a chance to know me, too. There are different levels of bonding and friendship. Some friends may only be superficial friends who will not be there in our times of need, and that's okay. Maybe we wouldn't want that person present anyway.

I'm just thinking... perhaps the world is a negative place because humans are naturally drawn to cynicism. Like a blossoming flower, I think I am blooming away from it all. I want to drift away from negativity.

" Sheeping Beauty "

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I want my cake and, I want to eat it too
I don't care what they say about me
I never listen to anyone.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Every human's greatest wish is to be known. Truly, truly known, and accepted by someone they care about and feel connected to. This is the deepest level of intimacy, and I would imagine a lot of people do not even come close to scratching the surface of "knowing" their other half or those around them.

Does anyone even really know themselves? I find myself trying harder and harder to live in the present, striving to become more connected to this world and my own body.

A lot of people are afraid to let themselves be vulnerable and hurt by others, and this is OK. Your brain is biologically wired to defend you, protecting you from threats and harm -- just like in prehistoric times. The difference is, in present times, your brain still doesn't realize sad emotions and vulnerability won't kill you. Still, the brain does a wonderful job in putting up walls and defences to numb us to situations that may end up hurting us... but, in putting up this subconscious defence... this can create a serious block when trying to find that level of connection (that feeling of being known) to someone else.

I am slowly practicing on how to slow down my thoughts, accept compliments more easily, shrugging off negativity, and living life how I want to and following my own beliefs and values.

I got my nails done today~ This is my September~November set. (─‿‿─)v

I love the flowers, and the ring finger being pink with the pearl bow and coloured jewel in the center~

I was originally planning to get white nails with the ring finger covered in large sparkles, but when I arrived at the salon I picked this charming design instead. I think it's absolutely fabulous! White is so classy. *:・゚✧

I think it's really sweet of everyone who appreciates my style. I admit, I am the type of gal who enjoys shopping for pretty dresses and high heels, and I also love getting my hair and nails done. Make-up as well... I'm just an all-around girly-girl. Heh--☆

Oh, and I just want to say, I love David Guetta's music! That type of music is my absolute favourite and always gets me pumped!!! Song behind the cut. :3

It's my blog, I can do what I want~~ -- The one and only time I will reference one of Miss Cyrus's songs. Ha!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Granted, this was back when i was still in high school.
Even if this is completely taken out of context, and the German phrases used in this piece of work are not accurate and... GOD, but I wish I could write again.
I used to always steal Final Fantasy characters to write about, huh?
Why am I suddenly feeling like Cloud--err, Kraut, who lost his best friend?
Probably, I really am that way...


I told myself I would stop doing my nails, but that totally didn't happen. I think... I just love having gorgeous nails far too much to give them up. ♡

I got really lazy posting my nail sets... So for the months of July and August, I didn't post any photos. July's set was one I didn't like very much; I didn't like how the girl did them:

June~July '13 nail set

What's new? Well, nothing really. The usual work and school... Urgh...

I actually find it amusing that many men have complimented my nails far more than women. I wonder if this is simply because my nails are a new and interesting sight for them to see, or if they are thinking some impure intentions? Cry, haha. It's hard being a girl.

I bought a denim vest and also a Wilfred dress from Aritzia. The denim vest I wanted to buy for a while now, to match with my white lace dress. But as for the Wilfred dress... I'm not sure if I will keep it, but most likely yes. And bring that dress to get altered at the tailor's~~~ the sleeves are a bit long.

OH, AND... I am going to my first-ever hockey game this Wednesday. My coworker, "Vincent", is taking me! And my manager "Cloud" is taking the surly "Cait Sith". Ha-ha, should be a lot of fun... I can't believe how lucky they were to win those tickets.

Well, chat again soon~ I seem to be on a break from lolita fashion, and more into dressing for fall/winter fashions that are more mainstream... We'll see what happens!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Witch Hunt

"The sad tale of a Prince and a Witch"

My best friend in New Leaf is a frog named Henry... (⌒_⌒;)
Well, at least I got my beloved Hair Bow Wig!!!
The next item on my wishlist is "K.K. Sonata"!

Just Joshin' You

I always get distracted. I'll be planning to sit and do some writing when I find myself staring at my phone, or drawn away by some game, and then I can't tear away.

I finished Joshua's secret happy ending in "Be My Princess". The story was all right; I'm unhappy I ended the story so soon. (ノ´д`) I mean there's always Prince Wilfred's storyline to move onto, but... I'm just unmotivated, because of course, Joshua.

And let's face it, in my world, all Joshuas are so cool. Positive association with Joshuas, ha-ha. (The following post will contain a high level of fangirling from myself.)

Monday, September 9, 2013


Lately I have been having many thoughts run through my mind but I never record them down. I guess because I never have time. (It's always about the eternal rat-race, isn't it?)

Sometimes it's hard to convert thoughts to words.

I ponder a lot of things whenever I'm alone, things that I never write down because when I'm driving or at work or eating, there never seems to be a pen or paper around, and when there is I'm always unsure exactly what I mean to say.

I've just realized a lot of things about human beings, and the world in general, during my time working for telecommunication companies and at school and interacting with other people and even on the cursed social networks we are addicted to (Facebook).

People are complicated creatures, negative in nature, and we love to hate things, put others down, compete and compare ourselves with others, etc.etc. I find all of this superbly childish; yet everyone engages in negative thinking and bashing other people because this is something supposedly ingrained in our nature.

Women nowadays... are trashy (please see: Miss Cyrus @ the VMA awards). And the men? Childish and ignorant. "There is no such thing as being a gentleman anymore." Where is the self-respect for ourselves and others? Graffiti upon the face of my blog post. However, there are some that believe differently, seeing the objectification of women to be "freeing" and capable of making some women feel "beautiful". While I don't understand that mindset, I accept that there are many ways in which a person can choose to live their lives, and I do not oppose their choices (but I would not choose that style for myself).

I was driving while listening to my G-Dragon CD... (I had my ipod stolen, but that is besides the point as I always collected and listened to CDs regardless) and it was his Heartbreaker/Shine A Light live CD from 2009. I remember people hated on the song, bashed him for copying one of Flo Rida's songs... and you know what? The guy, my man GD, his response was to freakin' release a remix of that same song FEATURING FLO RIDA. I just found that to be such a kick-in-the-face for all the haters.


Words to live by.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Animal Crossing + Life

I've been trying to blog more but I never seem to have any time for myself. Hardly any time. Each day is filled with gruelling work, and now school has started. Class again tomorrow. I'm going to polish myself up and get going~~ <3 No low goals for me, gotta shoot for that A+ and look like a star doing it. ;)

Today I met a nice girl from work. She was very sweet and talkative, and she works at the Lego Store in Oakridge Centre. We exchanged contact information and perhaps we will meet up for coffee/BBT and study together. I don't know yet, but since my life has been a stagnant pool of water lately, it couldn't hurt to deviate from the normal routine. Just been hard to find time to do that...

On the AC:NL note, I finally got my dear little princess Crown!

Spent a whopping 1,200,000 bells on this baby!
I also managed to get the special Afternoon Tea Set! *love*

I re-designed my town flag to Kyary Mameshiba~~

My frog villager Henry asked to buy the BB shirt I actually bought for Shan... LOL! He even self-invited himself to my home, and then proceeded to gift me a painting (even though it turned out to be a fake). What a generous villager. He's always sweet to me! Looks aren't everything after all I suppose! And who knows, maybe he will turn into a charming prince sometime! ;)

Lastly, K.K. Waltz makes an awesome music box tune.

Do you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Please add me!!! Let's play together!


My dream item is Gracie's "Hair Bow Wig".

Sunday, September 1, 2013


A couple months back, I was really into working out, eating healthy and regular visits to the gym. For some reason, that active streak went horribly off-track and I stopped doing all of that... until very recently, I decided I would try and pull myself back into healthy eating.

I went to the grocery store last night with my mom, brother and Shan to buy ingredients. I'm planning to cook more often and pack lunch to bring to work (win-win situation, save money AND eat healthier). Basically, my diet consists of a lot of veggies, chicken, fish, and occasionally pork. I'm not too big a fan of beef, to be honest... And lamb / duck is pretty hard to cook right. For veggies, I really like taiwanese cabbage, snow pea shoots, kale, and lotus root. But I should eat more of carrots, cucumbers, etc. anyway...

Yams are not my favourite, but I've been substituting my carbs with yam and quinoa. Eating healthy is pretty straight-forward, but I can't help gorging when I get a large portion of delicious food. Food is a bigbig weakness for me... which is sad, because I also want to slim down and tone up.

Still didn't stop me from buying a bunch of gourmet cup noodles, ha-ha.

Hope I can actually carry through with this!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

cookie cutter

I've been listening to a lot of rap lately, courtesy of Jay-Z's newest album "Magna Carta". Most people would say rap is vulgar and disrespectful, which I agree to a certain extent, but rap can also be lyrical genius! Some of the verses, beats and rhymes of rap songs are really brilliant.

The only thing I don't like is how rap always seems to degrade women into objects for sex, but sexism has always been apparent in the world. Doesn't mean that's the right thing, though.

Although... I suppose since rap is all about male dominance (money, power, women), sexism would obviously be a present subject. I feel like rap songs really reveal the true human nature, the ugly part of humans who want to be on top, who look down on others who are not up to par in their standards. Songs about giving into the dark side, desires without restraints, that sort of thing.

After realizing that, I started listening to female rappers.  And found there is a lot of feuds and stuff between female rappers, too.

The day passed by relatively uneventful. BB and I went to eat at Cactus Club for lunch to celebrate the end of the semester. The spinach salad with beets and goat cheese was excellent, and we had the creole steak and prawns. I had a really good time eating that with my glass of sangria. I got a B in my courses, but I'm very certain I could have gotten an A if I hadn't been sick for two weeks... Oh well, c'est la vie!

Monday, August 26, 2013

sleepless beauty

Final Fantasy seems too childish for me at this point. I've really no interest to play the game... but I would buy it to stack on my shelf. After all, I've been waiting for this game to release for so long. The sole reason I purchased a PS3 so many years ago, and now to hear the game will be released for PS4... 

Why does it feel like I've outgrown the things I used to love?

Even Noctis seems too young for me. Ha-ha... don't tell me I'm a grandma, now...!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 2013

At little sis's boyfriend's house with the cat Mischa
I've been too busy to write regularly in the blog, which is all my own fault since I have too many things to do and poor time management skills.

A summary of events that happened over the past couple days include a day trip to Seattle for some shopping, a coworker's family gathering (Mexican-themed -- complete with taco lasagna, cold pasta, and even dried guava balls...a type of candy) and work, mostly.

I'm super happy with my shopping trip as I bought shoes, a Juicy Couture bag and skirt, and lacy items from Victoria's Secret. We even ate a quick late-night dinner at the casino buffet~~ I had a fabulous time. I bought my honey a cute shirt with a hamburger to work out in. And my new black bag will work perfectly as a laptop bag for my MacBook, although I've been using that as a regular bag at the moment.

I've been trying to brainstorm things to write about, but it's hard and I still can't focus properly. A complete lack of clairvoyance on my part. My dry spells never end, so I should probably... learn to tap trees or something. (Catching Fire reference, anyone?)

Oh, I also went to my darling non-biological sister's birthday party this month. We had a relaxing dinner at Miku with her friends; afterwards, we gathered at her boyfriend's house for this crazy after-party. Oh, man... Things totally got crazy, but in a good way. I can't even speak of some of the things I did, ha-ha-ha...

DJ Flipout from the radio station The Beat 94.5 came to do a radio remote for our store at work. It was fun... Blasting loud music while working seemed like being at a party, where we had to talk loudly to explain things to the customers!

Work's radio remote~~ I wore an AP blouse with my Juicy Couture skirt.

I hope to write about something soon. Just need to get cracking and create some plots + develop characters.

Thanks for reading... Appreciate your support, my friends 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Come And Get It!

Today I finished the last exam for the semester. I should be feeling happy, but I don't. Usually us students can't wait for the semester to end, but I actually enjoyed listening to the professor and cracking jokes with my classmate Lilian. "Earbasher" and "The guy who spent all his money on tattoos so he couldn't afford Tim Hortons" and the long lost "Fauxberry"!!! I'm terrible for making fun of my classmates, haha--

I picked up the package containing my first ever Antique beasT headdress and another AP blouse. I have quite the blouse collection now, but I think I need more accessories. I am an occasional lolita, but I'm proud of that and I don't want to give that up for anything. 

I've actually been looking into purchasing from some indie brands. I missed out on Baroque's "Pearl Drops on Dry Flowers" and also Haenuli's "Royal Kitten", but hopefully something will catch my eye soon. In the meantime, I'll be patient.

That's all on the school and lolita front, but on the Be My Princess front, there are new developments. I finished off Joshua's story and started playing Wilfred's... I wasn't too impressed by his storyline actually.

For one thing... He's kind of a pervert... 

Why did he drag me into this hotel room anyway?!?

And... he doesn't know how to take public transit...

Are you sure? Really? ...Okay.

He also likes to eat girly ice cream flavours...


He looks like Cloud. LOL.

They all look the same, don't they? Not that I'm complaining!!! Just the way I like 'em!

Anyway... Wilfred's storyline is pretty weak compared to Joshua's. Joshua's storyline had political issues between countries, a rival prince, and a butler that was actually nice. Claude is a little b*stard!!! And I guess I preferred how stiff and formal Joshua was, even though that was borderline rude -- at least he behaved in a proper way. Wilfred just seems pretty lonely and... I don't know, too forward!!!

Well, I did enjoy the cute moments from his route. He's basically another prince that envies the regular life, and acts all formal and expressionless because that's his job and swallows all his inner feelings and junk. He's more touchy-feely than Joshua, and definitely more polite at first.

...Why am I analyzing his personality, anyway? Maybe because this is fun for me, haha.  A lot of my princess mates like Wills, but I definitely prefer Joshy-poo!

Thanks for visiting, you should definitely play BMP if you're into otome games, because you won't regret it. I don't. (Haha!)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gentleman's Lady

GREETINGS FRIENDS. Gosh I haven't used that phrase for such a long time.

I just want to announce that my studying habits are worse than ever, and also that I love pistachio and raspberry macarons. Hah--!!

I saw that one of my favourite luxury brands, Emily Temple Cute, is releasing a 15th anniversary long jacket. Three words: IT LOOKS DIVINE and I WANT IT. (Okay, so six words.)


But, as usual, reality likes to crush my dreams. This jacket is over $800CAD!!!! So expensive!!!

Ahem, so, Prince Joshua, would you mind purchasing this for me please? Hahaha... /shot/

...That feels good.

It's been a long time since I last got shot...

I feel like I've been spending too much time worrying about what others think and say about me, that I forgot what it truly means to be in touch with myself and my own feelings. And that's a grand shame, because I used to be a rebellious girl who could easily say "F--- YOU!" to anyone who put me down. I actually stood up for myself and shrugged off people who chose to put me down. I need to get back into that mindset, only in a more mature way.

I'm an artist at heart and no matter what I am a writer.

"If you are born an artist, you have no choice but to fight to stay an artist." - Lana Del Rey

... I couldn't agree with that more.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lost Kitten

Got home from work and now I am drinking soup and attempting to draw. I haven't drawn anything since 2012. Lately little things cause me to become dejected. I hate always feeling like being on the outside looking in.

Things aren't even so bad. Work is all right, and I have fun joking around with the guys there. My manager is somehow Cloud, I am Tifa (because I don't want to die) and my good friend, the second-in-seniority, is Vincent. Others include Cait Sith, Yuffie, and the late Naruto. Haha, code names for work. Really cute... I suppose everything could be worse.

And despite the busy rush of customers, one of my childhood friends dropped off a hot chocolate from Starbucks to me and briefly said hi. I even got free tea from the old man that always comes by the store. Who can say no to jasmine and chai? 

Maybe the problem is really with me. I always feel like I can't do anything I used to be able to do, but is that a mental block I put up for myself?

I should try harder... Maybe.

I DREW SOMETHING! First pic of 2013. Are you proud? (J-just kidding. Don't be!!!)

I'm gonna draw Prince Joshua. YEAH~~ (No I don't think I can, I really lack the imagination and skill...)

I'm super super grateful to the friends, both close and not-so-close, that support me in my drawing, gaming, and writing endeavours. To whoever reads this, please remember that even a 'like' means so much to an artist. Even if they aren't super "good", being artistic is definitely hard and no one would like to be put down or judged!!!

I'm going to try and blog a lot more. After all, what's the use in having a new Macbook Air if I don't make proper use of it?

Thanks for visiting~~~!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Be My Princess: Joshua

For the past couple days, I've been playing a game on my phone called "Be My Princess".  This is an otome game and somehow this has become my guilty pleasure to pass the time...

Basically the storyline goes as follows: you are an aspiring young designer, and you miraculously got accepted into a famous fashion label house; I think the designer label name is "Jean Pierre". This somehow leads to you designing outfits for a big fashion show in which six princes from six different countries attend. You somehow become a designer for one of the princes of your choice... because your designs are just that good.

I think I butchered the storyline there, but the jist is apparent! And although all the characters are charming and I was stuck between Prince Wilfred and Prince Joshua, of course I ended up picking Prince Josh because he's so cute, and because his name is Joshua!  He's the prince of Dres Van Kingdom.

Actually, the blond-haired Prince Will is also very charming, much more polite and charming than Joshua. All Joshua really does is insult the MC and... act all pompous and annoying! But slowly he becomes more and more sweet, until he's so attached that he's practically your little puppy dog. Ha-ha...! Tsundere characters like this, I never really liked but I suppose one every once in a while is good.

Can't wait to play Wilfred's storyline but I think for many obvious reasons, Joshua will remain my favourite for sure. 

My little house is so crappy but~~ even these tiny sprites are so cute. (I have visitors whenever Joshua is over, for some reason. These are other princesses playing the game~)

Hope more people can play this adorable game with me, but I understand only a particular type of character would enjoy games like these (laughs). Here are some screenshots:


"What do you plan to do as a volunteer?" XD

Apparently, adding the person's initials in front of their birthday makes it "not [their] birthday" anymore for his phone's password...

Self-explanatory screenshot. :'D ///