Thursday, December 31, 2009

Burning ~Revival~

3 days
since we've talked.

1st day
life told me
dreams come true.

woke up the 2nd day
wondered if it was real.
didn't feel like a dream
too good to be true.

3rd day.
1st time i woke up
with someone on my mind
in a long time.

will there be a 4th?
a 5th? a 6th?

am i just counting the days
until you leave again?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Burning Love ~Revival~

I woke up this morning groggy and hung over. Shouldn't have drank that much last night. But hey, it was Christmas! What's Christmas without a little throwing up here and there? LOL

Now that I think about it, last night is really fuzzy. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor. I said some stuff I can't remember. I just wanna pass out again...

It's unfair how some people can drink loads straight up and still be okay. *cough* You know who it is!

Emotional rant censored behind the cut. :)