Friday, December 30, 2011

sheer cold

That Christmas portrait is BEAUTIFUL. C:
In return, I will attempt to write!!

Blue's Pidgeot slammed Maya's Cyndaquil into the brick wall. Cyndaquil hit the wall head-first and crumpled to the floor. The flames on its back vanished.

Maya cursed under her breath and held out a pokeball. "Return!"

The defeated Pokemon disappeared in a flash of red light.

"I guess I'm still not a match for you," Maya said, "but just wait until Cyndaquil gets stronger."

Friday, December 16, 2011

Okay, so here is Red and Blue's sixth floor meet-up, expanded edition? Ahaha. I don't know what's going on in the rest of the story so yeah. No Rocket stuff from me 'til I get some elaboration ! I came up with this conversation of sorts instead of making plot. Pretty on the filler side (??) but I'm trying to get a ~feel for writing these characters. Oddly enough I think I'm better writing the talkative characters in our worlds. I'm not so good with the quiet ones, though I should be...! xDD Basically: hell yeah Pokemon! Writing is amazing ~ I'm so happy to read stories and just create things ~ ;A; we must keep our worlds going !! I look forward to more works from you as well. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

white gold

Holiday greetings, friends! I tried my hardest to write something related to the Pokemon A/U, which proved to be a bigger challenge than I thought. Hopefully the winter break will force me into a writing mood. (*´・v・)

collab 2009!

The famed collaboration that features the debut of two original characters. Need I say more? Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

collab 2010!

A reviving of an old collaboration from 2010! I miss our collabs, they always made writing much more fun. I'm actually really tempted to title this 'City Hunter', LOL! (Hope there's no copyright infringements!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011



everything seems to be an itch to scratch
there seems to be no purpose to it all
just an impulse to be followed
or resisted, or ignored
but in the end, they come and go
at least, i thought so

i've scarred myself already
clawing at a patch of skin
red and bloody raw
trying to find out just how much longer
will it take to rid of this one itch
that calls for my happiness

Those empty eyes, that bleeding heart. That comforting feeling of holding so tightly onto something he had no control over. He felt it more than anything. He felt his love slowly slipping away, and the coldness filled his mind with doubt.

Had I ever loved at all? Was it even love?

He couldn't tell for sure. Perhaps it was merely sticking a girl into his ideals, into the plans he willed to happen. Marriage, moving out, a family. Did it even have to be that girl? His mind told him no. His heart said otherwise. But he no longer wished to listen to that wretched thing.

That girl had lied. She had promised him the world, and delivered nothing. Perhaps it was because she was young, but he didn't want to make excuses for her. She was different, unlike anyone he had ever met. Refreshing, and painful at the same time. He had tried to be himself. She was the only one to see that, and now she was gone.

He couldn't remember the last time he was happy. Truly. And so, he filled his nights with friends. Smokes. Alcohol. Drinks were a big thing for him. They sustained his life, helped him sleep, comforted him. What a sad feeling. If Dragon had known she would have been disappointed. He could envision her eyes, her look of pity. She never did respect him.

He vaguely wondered if she still wore the ring he gave her. The ring that was supposed to represent their love, until they met again. The dreams that had to be silenced, they haunted him. They wouldn't just go away.

Empty beer bottles littered the room. He smiled in satisfaction at the sight of them. At least something still made him feel okay. Dragon had never liked his drinking, but to hell with her. She was a thing of the past, and he no longer cared for her. At all. At least, that's what he tried to convince himself, all the time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hello Karen! I wanted to say thank you for the lovely gifts. I was so impressed with keychain--I still have the batman one, you know. :) You're such a thoughtful person. Everything really meant a lot to me. Your card's wonderful. Absolutely perfect. You've always had a way with words. I was really happy when I read it. I'm glad we're still friends after all this time. Even meeting up once in a while is good enough for me. Hopefully we can continue to maintain our special little friendship despite whatever comes our way. I only wish I could be more of a help to you, but if my sitting there like an idiot works for you, it works for me? Haha. Please don't let things get to you so much. Things get better. You must believe that. There are so many nice things in the world...really...and I'm saying this as someone who couldn't care less a lot of the time. So. That was my little gush of happiness. Current state of things: couldn't be better. Or maybe it's just that I'm so content, I wouldn't want anything to be different. Please be good to us, November. ...because months are totally like people.

I was inspired, and so, I wrote this...alternate universe type thing? It's still E4, but it's...different, as you shall see from like the first sentence. I'm trying really hard to write. I'm going to try to continue this story too, and not leave it open-ended and hanging. Unless I really hit a wall. But yeah. I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. Anyway, I hope you like it. c: ...yeah I shouldn't re-read things or I'll never post them. So here it goes!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

red string

I love your writing. I'm so happy to read new things from you. You have no idea... Oh my god, and Roxas!! Roxas is finally back and he seems so awesome. I can't believe he's grown up (somewhat!). Man, what a pleasant sense of nostalgia. Such bittersweetness...I can't wait to read more. Also? J-J-Joshua? Really??? YES. I'm so intrigued as to what'll happen with that! Please continue that cafe scene. It would make my life! When you write Karelos, it makes me feel like I know more about her; everything I do is basically based off your writing. Just so you know. xD;; Your so-called "filler" was fantastic (as always, my god!) so don't leave me hanging there. Ahhhh~ Karelos and Noctis are just. Whyyy can't I write them like that? I guess because I'm not cool/badass etc so I don't know a thing about these wild parties. Lulz. Or, you know, just write more snippets whenever you feel so inclined. Moments in the lives of characters, as it were.

Thanks to your inspiration, I was able to write another...character piece type thing...but I may have butchered him. D: I don't even know what I'm doing half the time. Hopefully it's somewhat decent, though, because you provided me with great writing, so I should do my part. I only manage to write these things cause I like you and your works so much that it fuels my soul! No one else gets stories from me in any case. But perhaps that's a good thing because I need to improve a lot? o__o Hahaha. But I will always enjoy swapping stories and world-building with my friend! Let's keep going and make October a month full of creativity! Ja? Ja! ;)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

dragon bones


I have been trying to write more stories! And I have, kind of. But they're one-shots. I'm just trying to get those stagnant juices flowing again. xD;; But it's fun! Really fun. I like writing things for people...hehe. I just don't know if I am even getting the character right anymore though. I mean, I know what she used to be like (..or do I?) but this is a whole new era. Epoch, even. Man do I detest Geology. It makes me weep like no other! How sad life is when school is what has the greatest impact on it. But I'm trying to study and things.

So, I can't really have a fun life. I suppose I can live vicariously through Karelos, then? Perhaps...but the poor girl really is troubled. I think Karen should free herself from writer's block. Sheer willpower, baby. That's how you do it. Or...Sheer Cold? That's a Pokemon move, right? And it's a one-hit KO! I don't even know how this is relevant at all. I'm just totally frazzled right now. But I will send you all my stories and things soon, so yeah, you can put them in the Hall of Fame! Thank Arceus that Professor Oak isn't the one in charge of immortalizing our stories. I mean, I just couldn't take it! The Champion always locks that poor sad fool out.

Ahhh I should stop thinking about dragon masters and lances and all those old jokes, shouldn't I? I'm too ancient for that now...I'm like a Kabuto fossil...or something. But whatever, I don't care. Good memories are forever! Unless you're that woman from The Notebook. Hahaha oh no I shouldn't say that. I'll probably delete this ramble because it makes the page look less neat compared to the other story. But anyway, I hope this means something to someone out there. Enjoy... cause I enjoyed writing it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

burnt summer

When Karelos woke up that morning, part of her seemed to have drifted away like a helium balloon. She turned and stared at the empty place beside her. She didn’t remember if someone had spent the night. She didn’t remember last night at all. Not that it mattered. Days and nights blended into one another like some hideous painting. People were all interchangeable. Some days this state of affairs worried her more than others, but it was getting harder to care. Lately Karelos felt like the only thing that mattered was her dog, and even he didn’t belong to her, not really. Hadn’t he been a gift?