Monday, February 6, 2017

Fates & Dreams

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. I use this blog as a means to record my life, thoughts, and random things--like an online diary. If you don't like anything here, please leave!

I had a strange dream last night about Fire Emblem. Since the new app launched with the mobile game FE Heroes, I've been playing it for the past few days and subconsciously things must have seeped into my head!

In my dream, I was in a wedding gown walking down the aisle of an arena to marry Kamui/Corrin from FE Fates! 😐 He was dressed in all black and a black cape with fur trim. It was the weirdest thing ever, seeing as I am a fangirl but never thought of the character that way until I saw him in FE Heroes.

Anyway, I basically had to marry him because we needed to solidify the bonds between our worlds with an alliance. Afterwards we were taken to our living quarters, a home of some sort, with rooms already prepared for the future kids. I guess they expected us to have some... err... and as we walked into the master bedroom together I remember feeling super awkward. What an awkward dream! I'm sure fangirls would love to have this sort of dream about their biases but it was plain strange for me.

Personally, in FE Fates, I am quite fond of Takumi, but only because I think of how fun it would be to brush through his long beautiful hair. I don't actually like his personality or his look that much... I don't know if I really like any male character that much in this series. However, I am fond of the avatar's son Kana, as well as Hinoka and Selkie. It's odd for me because I prefer long hair on girls, but short is cute too!

This dream kinda reminds me of how I always make my avatar marry Chrom in FE Awakening for the two children, Lucina and Morgan. I don't even like Chrom that much, but the support convos between him and the avatar are cute. I honestly can't decide which is the better child, male Morgan or Kana... they're both sweet little peas. I wish real life would be as fun and whimsical as a video game.


the claws that curve
shining like city lights
stars at my fingertips
rip away the creativity 
my hands used 
to make.

Tumblr is the worst blogging site. The people there are toxic, judgmental, and have nothing good to say to others most of the time. My SO said to me, "Who even uses Tumblr?" I wholehearted agree with him, Tumblr users are fucking pretentious.

I had a personal blog for pictures on Tumblr for a bit and once I reposted some fanart with the caption "art not by me", and a user commented that I should remove it. Honey... I know some artists may hate reposts without permission, but some don't mind. If the original artist contacted me to remove the post I would do it.

I did try to find the source, but I believe it was reposted to Pinterest from a Japanese artist and I posted it to my personal Tumblr. People need to mind their own business... this is a private blog, I can post what I want here. I'm not claiming to have rights over the art or taking ownership for drawing it. Besides, a lot of social media sites (Instagram, even Google Photos if you use that) have policies stating that once you post the photo to their platform, they can use that image however they like without paying the person who created it.


On a brighter note, here are my unicorn nails for the month! Trendy? Take a closer look, I love them!!!💖💖💖