Monday, May 30, 2016

Storm in a Teacup

Lately, I've been attempting a healthier lifestyle, which doesn't 100% seem to be working. My body weight/mass is very stable, so I'm not the type to gain or lose weight easily. A blessing and a curse, but I know getting fit takes dedication and willpower--both of which I don't have atm. I have a lot of fatigue and some stress, however... hehe.

Started some yoga classes again~ And drinking more lemon water and coconut water.
(But keeping the classes up is proving more & more difficult...)

Life seems to be the same, no changes. Work seems to be easier, in that I am slowly taking things more seriously and trying to take on more responsibilities to prove my worth. But you know, in the olden days... apprentices would train for years, or decades, to become a master in their professions. My hairstylist Leo was telling me the other day how apprentice sushi chefs, the great ones in Japan, train under a master sushi chef for something like a decade before they can be considered a great chef.

True or untrue as that may be, I guess like working out, improving oneself in all facets of life take dedication and time. Work harder, AND stronger.

Relationship-wise... things have become stable again, with random waves rocking the boat here and there. I've learned with experience that life is best lived without so many expectations of how things should be... a vague outline with a positive outlook is often enough.

Below are two of my favourite sets in the last couple months. Flower-themed nails are so elegant, and both have a different feel~

Pastel floral glory~~ for the last run of spring. May~June 2016

An elegant blue-centered floral. My nail tech painted each watercolour flower painstakingly!!!

I see a lot of copy-cats at my nail salon when it comes to my nail designs. I choose my designs precariously and work with my nail tech to make them a reality; each set is unique and rarely straight copied from a magazine or online.

Someone tried to copy the look of the pastel set with the 3D roses recently... I saw the image on Instagram. Another gal copied the bears on my Christmas set last year, with Duffy and his girlfriend on the thumbs. While I don't mind or claim to be the first to have these nails/nail art, I do have mixed feelings about being copied. I'm sure trendsetting is actually a very flattering thing, but I do appreciate uniqueness and creativity also... there's no need to copy me 100%, is there? I mean... people can put their own twist to things, can they not?

It shouldn't matter, anyway. I need to learn to stop caring about trivial things.

Oh, and my new hair colour is an ashy-gray~~ I love ashy hair, and braids!!!

Love~ I wish I took a photo of all my curled hair cascading down. Oh well, next time!!!

Aaand that's my usual update I guess. Filled with fluff and guarded. I promise I'll try and write something meaningful soon. I don't know how to lump that in with all the rest.