Saturday, July 11, 2015

nails spring/summer 2015

I missed a few posts regarding my nails so I actually don't know when I got what set and what month. I also missed posting and taking pictures of a daisy-themed pastel set I did somewhere in between... I was too lazy to take photos and I didn't love that set that much. Anyway, here are my three most recent sets. ^^

Mine on the right, sis's on the left. ;3; I tried a more mature, bling-y theme. Not my style, really...

I loved this simple set! Tiffany blue and pearls! I requested this set myself. I love how little gold stones are placed between the pearls.

This is the set I currently have on! I really like it, but for some reason it didn't photograph well AT ALL. I've wanted to get seashell decos on my nails for a very long time! Pearls and seashells are my favourites, haha. 

I also started getting pedicures to show off during the summer. Although, at the present moment, I really don't have any reason to do them... it's not like I'm going through anything new or exciting anymore, like I was end of last year...