Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crystal Dream Carnival

I have to leave for school soon. I just thought I'd put my fashion show photos up -- you know, the ones with RinRin and me.

Everyone said RinRin Doll was nice, but I personally thought she HAS to be nice because she's a model. It's her public persona. I secretly felt that she thought we were weird or strange. But people can't always be open with how they feel.

All I can say is, I don't like the way my nose looks... Argh, so flat. Other than that, I'm pretty comfortable with the way my body is... but in photos, every model has such a high nose. ;_;

It's not like people don't love me for who I am. My boyfriend, family and friends care about me just fine... but it's just how we see ourselves, you know? That crack in the mirror and us criticizing ourselves based on the standards set by society.

I know this but how come I follow it blindly???

At least she signed some post cards for me...~ That was sweet of her.

Instagram quality, haha!!!

I'm thinking about ordering a cake for my boyfriend's birthday. We've been doing all right... ^^ I'll post some ideas soon.

I might as well also post these photos here~ My short-lived lolita days:

RinRin's Meet & Greet @ Cactus Club

High tea @ Rose House