Wednesday, July 2, 2014

northwest fan fest 2014

so i was lucky enough to be selected as a model for fairytale boutique @nwff. i modelled a gorgeous blue dress from automatic honey called "moonlight pegasus". the dress was covered in individual crystals and was very beautiful. the headdress was a veil with more crystals, and... everything was just very elegant and extravagant.

i'm so lazy to post photos... lol but i should, what kind of blogger am i, anyway... the answer to that is, a bad one. hah~

borrowed my friend's btssb scepter~
Model's group shot~ i-is it cute?

it was a really fun experience, and i got to spend time with two of my local lolita friends... i really felt so lucky to be there. i won't forget my happy feeling... such an experience, i'm so thankful for.

i really hope i can get the chance to model for angelic pretty when they come to vancouver this august. i don't really have anything to look forward to recently... but no point in worrying, if i can just focus on improving myself, things should be fine, right?

filled with poison / but blessed with beauty and rage