Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eating the Bread of Idleness

Today I feel so worried. It's normal for humans to feel firstly negative about everything, isn't it? Sometimes I wonder where my life is going because I have a lot of this negativity, but oftentimes it shows up for no reason and is unjustified.

I have a lot on my plate this week. I just have to tough everything out and be mature! I'm going to straighten everything out at home, walk the dog, possibly go to the gym and study in the evening for class. These are all mundane activities I have to perform, aren't they? But to what end and for what purpose?

April 10th is the date. I am waiting for a date in the future to arrive, but time loves to tease.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Untitled Morning

This morning was a morning of mixed emotions. ( p′︵‵。)

I woke up really early and 자기야 came over with his big suitcase, since he was leaving Vancouver on a flight later that afternoon. We got into a tiff over trivial matters, but managed to solve our disagreement with enough time to eat a lovely breakfast at "Locus" on Main St.

I've been there with my BFF before, and last time I got the benny special, which happened to be smoked turkey. I didn't like it *too* much, but the nugget potatoes and coffee are always good to me! My friend got the wild boar poutine, which was a very flavourful and unique dish.

Obligatory food photo of my meal~

I don't have a photo of what I ate this morning, since most of the time I don't take photos of my food anymore; I just eat it! But this morning's choice was much more satisfying than my previous one. I chose the "Main St. Eggs" with bacon, which was delightful.

오빠 got the "Steak & Eggs", which was delicious too. He was really full once we were finished eating, and we both had 2 cups of coffee each. (´;ω;`)

Then we drove to the airport and he had to go check in for his flight while I went back home to do my own things. Yeah... bye-bye, 오빠... I don't know how the time is going to pass by from today on...!!!

Afterwards, I went to Metrotown to meet up with a local lolita to hang out. I also met up with a local alpaca fanatic, ("Alpaca Galore" on Facebook) to adopt this adorable alpaca prince from her. He is such a sweet, cute little baby: a 12cm white prince.

His name is Wilfred. What a tiny, adorable cute little baby!!! ♡

I hope to get two more little babies, another girl and boy. I think the "Caffe Kids" series' beige butler with the green bowtie is adorable, and so is the pink girl from the "Powa Powan" series. I'm mostly likely going to get those two, we'll see~~~

Anyway, my lolita friend and I went to my place to hang out and chat a bit. We watched "Mister Rococo", which was an odd piece of comedy... and that was my day. A bit stressful, and I miss my baby...

Oh, but the one ray of sunshine today is that my BABY dress arrived:

Scalloped hem = love~

I love it a lot, it's like a sister dress to Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale. Anyway, thanks for visiting.

Monday, April 7, 2014

"Chocolate Princess"

On April 5th, I participated in a small spring fashion show for the "Sakura Days Japan Fair". This event took place at VanDusen Botanical Garden. A lot of local lolita showed up in their frilly dresses to take part in this event.

I chose to wear my Chess Chocolate Jabot JSK and that boston bag I waited so long for. Yeah, a lot of gals commented on my chocolate bag and congratulated me for finally finding it! Which I smiled because it really is a charming bag, if bags can be such things. (*´∀`*)

Chess Chocolate Jabot JSK! 。*゚✲*☆
Chocolate from head to toe. I'm a basic lolita.

I like to refer to myself as a "basic lolita", referencing the slang term "basic b*tch". It basically means that my style is a generic style of sweet lolita that all sweet lolitas love. You know, Angelic Pretty, pink, chocolate, etc.

I don't find anything wrong with that, it's just that I haven't really developed my style to become unique like some of the seasoned lolitas I know. But I suppose one could use this term for lolita of all categories, because gothic lolitas love black lace and MmM (haha) and... well, country lolita must love strawberries, straw hats and... plaid? IDK. All I know is that for now, I'm fine being basic in my sweet style. (Did I mention I also love roses, cute little animals, and candy hearts? Lol.)

More coming soon? I should post a big group photo of us all, and introduce the new (and old) friends I met, but for now I just wanted to document another successful outing in lolita! *^^* I did resolve to wear my frills more, didn't I?

The majority of active members in the Vancouver lolita community attended.
[ Photo Credit: Dale L. ]

Thanks for visiting~~