Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Being Patient

Yesterday night I was lying in bed and thinking how horrible the world is because everyone is born different sizes. I wish there was a standard size everyone's body would be born as. No only would bullying and eating disorders not exist, but everyone's self esteem would be higher (although I suppose humans would just find something else to laugh at others about).

The incident that triggered this trail of thought was a Chess Chocolate dress from Angelic Pretty. As you may know, I am seeking the pink jabot JSK for an upcoming New Year's gathering. However, the one seller I've found is of a reasonably bigger size than I am. (I am 82~84CM bust, 63cm waist; the seller is about 100cm bust alone). I know that Chess Chocolate is considered to be a good plus-sized dress because of the full back shirring, but now I'm concerned that when I receive the dress, the shirring will be all stretched and worn out. My Wonder Story dress in red, which I also bought from a friend who is a larger size than me, already has the elastic in the shirring loose-ish when I pulled on it. (Compared to my Honey Cake and Sugar Hearts JSK which have like-new back shirring).

I really don't like how lolita fashion makes everything one-size. Even Emily Temple Cute dresses are a bit loose on me, but they are still a better fit than AP. I feel a little annoyed that the dresses are stretched out by larger wearers that eventually resell them (used). I know this is selfish of me, because humans cannot control what size their bodies will be, but I just feel annoyed that such a beautiful and perfect dress may not fit me (and already even if bought brand-new, the standard measurements still wouldn't fit me well).

I'm not saying plus-sized lolitas shouldn't wear lolita, I'm just frustrated at how hard it has been to find the dress I want to buy. And the one seller I did find happens to be of a different size than I am, just makes me a bit troubled...

And lol while I was typing this some old man stopped to "admire how fast I typed" and told me how he used to teach people how to type on typewriters. But now he cannot even type on the computer anymore! Oh, the woes of aging, and also the woes of shirring... 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I... am so... bored!!!

During the final exams week, our school library is open 24/7 and tonight I find myself in the library because someone needs to study for his exam on Saturday and he doesn't feel ready. On the bright side, Sari and Donny are here as well, so they stopped by to say hello... other than that, tonight has been relatively uneventful...

I am not even in the mood for my usual perusing of online goods. The only thing I'm really hoping to buy is the Chess Chocolate Jabot JSK so I can wear it to a New Year's gathering end of this month. Really I am so bored...I can't wait until all the final exams are over and also the stupid holiday sales craze... Working retail and dealing with customer service issues for people is so exhausting!

Anyway, I already planned that for Christmas I will wear my Holy Night Story JSK! Finally~~ I get a chance to wear it! And apparently, the group will be making gingerbread houses. So I'm super excited to wear my dress. I also saw adorable stockings that would match the dress perfectly! I don't have a black blouse, but I'm hoping to get away with white or red.

For New Year's gathering I was hoping to do a simple and cute coordinate with pink Chess Chocolate... however, I am a little worried about how to do my hair. Many of my wigs I am not fond of... so I was thinking maybe I would just curl my natural hair and leave my style a bit more simple? Why am I even thinking about my coordinates right now~~?? I haven't worn lolita for a long time...

I think afterwards I will drive to eat late-night pho~~~~ Because after enduring this pointless time of myself not studying, I should really get a break... I guess tonight I'm not going to be getting my regular 8 hours of sleep!! Oh well!!!
The final exam is worth 25%.  It is a three part exam:

Part 1 consists of three questions--one each on "Penelope," "Leda and the Swan," and "Siren Song" (150-200 words);

Part 2 consists of two questions--one each on The Hunger Games and Pygmalion (200-250 words);

Part 3 consists of one essay (500-600 words) on The Penelopiad (you will have a choice of topics).

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Strangely, I knew about the end
So I’m sad, I’m sadder 
When I look at you

I see you for the last time
You’re still pretty, even prettier 
When I look at you

Tuesday. Lazy December. The ground outside covered with a light blanket of snow. Like so many years before.
What's new with me? Whenever my mood is not good, I step away from blogging publicly online. And then I discover so many things, countless things, that I can't possibly catch up on... Which is true again for this time around.

I bought a pair of super cute sheep slippers from Bath & Body Works. I spent the day showing them off to my friends at work. Cloud, Vincent, and Mr. H. They are a bunch of guys, but they always humour my childish antics. I mean, what guy cares about a pair of girly slippers? But I appreciate their care for me, not as a coworker, but as a friend.

Completely adorable right~? Totally my style, rii~iight~~? ^^

...I really love sheep. They're so cute, and the reason isn't purely because I was born in that Chinese zodiac sign, haha. Everything about these slippers are gorgeous because the pink bow is sparkly (even though the photo doesn't accurately reflect this) and the under-side of the ears are also lined with the beige material for the face. As soon as I saw them in the window, I had to buy them!

As for the music front, I want to write a post about the two new CDs in my life (Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" and G-Dragon's "COUP D'ETAT"... Lady Gaga's CD is catchy but un-relatable... and so is GD's so I'll probably delve into that some other time.

Anyway... ~