Monday, July 2, 2012

The "Ita Lolita" Definition in Japan

The “Ita lolita” definition in Japan 

The link above is very thought-provoking post by Kaho-san, taken from her personal blog, describing what Japan’s standard of “Ita Lolita” would be from an anonymous writer's perspective. She has taken the time and effort to translate the Japanese into sections so that we may understand.

I found it very interesting. I have heard rumours that Lolita in Japan hold themselves on a different standard than "American" or "International" Lolita. I have read that Japanese Lolita often consider themselves "real" Lolita, in that their quality is better (by some measurable standard in their heads).

I continue to wonder why humans always like to judge and put-down others. Especially in the Vancouver Lolita community, there isn't much friendship and bonding, but there is prejudice, mocking, shaming, and all that negative jazz. Even if you do not approve of someone else, shouldn't common courtesy dictate that we treat others with respect? These are virtues we are brought up with since childhood, and especially as Lolita-- who are supposedly refined and lady-line-- we should honour them.

I don't have many Lolita friends myself, but I do keep in touch with a handful of Lolita (both local and international). I met a lovely young girl who lives all the way in Sydney, and we regularly WhatsApp each other. I wish I could meet more girls locally, so that we may form a non-elitist, non-judging group of positivity and acceptance. It would be lovely to go out in a group of close friends with common interests, all dolled up and chatting about which print we'd like to chase after next.

Oh, silly dreams.

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