Monday, March 12, 2012


Karelos could see the blinking red numbers on the radio clock. 4:35AM. Her mind was still numbed by the lingering effects of intoxicants and party music. It was incredibly hard to think. She could barely remember hours before, only a vague recollection of dropping a shot that shouldn't have been dropped into a chase glass.

She pushed her long hair out of her eyes and sat up. Beside her was the sleeping figure of a dark-haired man, one she had spent many of her nights with. He was the one who turned her into a completely different person, bringing her endless nights of carelessness and irresponsibility. Materialism meant everything and people were only a disappointment. Love meant nothing, and she knew she was starting to believe it. She could barely remember what it felt like to have a functioning relationship with someone.

Who was that blond she used to know, again? Nothing but a faded photograph. She had known far too many blonds.

"What are you doing awake?" Noctis murmured, turning over so he could face her. "You have work in a few hours. God knows why. Might as well get as much sleep as you can."

His smirk was half-visible in the dark. He liked to tease her, always curious as to why she chose to keep a proper job. His family was wealthy, and all their expenses were covered.

Karelos only smiled. In this dream state, she had to hold onto something to tether her to reality.