Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hello, Karen here. :) I feel as if I've reached a new level in house-wife. I recently bought two 100% silk skirts from Wilfred (along with a silk blouse from Plenty) and the care label reads 'DRY CLEAN ONLY', so I was reading up on how to hand-wash these delicate items at home. (I'm not yet brave enough to just toss them into the laundry machine.)

Jacky and my raven & black silk skirts!

I don't know why, but tonight I am feeling a bit restless. There are always so many things on my mind, but I can never get them out. I can't write, I can't think, I can't talk about anything. It's a bit frustrating how I've slowly become accustomed to bottling everything inside. For example, the past couple months have been very eventful and fun-filled. Did I write about any of it, though? No, I didn't. But I really should. >.< I should exercise the inner writer in me! Don't you agree? ...I thought so!

I was trying to find Burt's Bees toothpaste after we opened one at Shan's house. It's very divine! I checked two London Drugs and I couldn't find any. Perhaps I'll have better luck at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I think that will conclude this entry. I'll try to write something soon.. (ha! That's what I always say.)

Karelos pushed and turned the key in the lock. The door swung open and she stepped into the apartment. She kicked off her heels and flicked on the light closest to the door. The view of the elegantly furnished apartment met her eyes and she sighed. Finally, she was home. It had been a long while since she returned to this place. Everything was as she left it; untouched, but kept clean by the maid that visited once every two weeks.

"Where are you?" Karelos called for the little cream-coloured french bulldog, but no scuttling of little paws answered. The room was cold.

She threw her purse on the sofa and walked to the bathroom. She blinked into the mirror at the dark circles that were beginning to form under her eyes, though it shouldn't have been a surprise. The drinking parties and late nights out were bound to take a toll on her skin somehow. She tied up her hair and began to remove her dark eyeliner, wiping off glittery silver eyeshadow in excess. 

After she freshened up, Karelos sat down at her laptop and turned it on. The machine slowly flickered to life, the pale glowing screen the main source of light in the dim room.

Her email was filled with rantings from old friends, the occasional work-related mail, and one or two spam mails. But there was no email from him. She figured she would have to wait a little longer. The clock read 12:26AM.