Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was inspired by Karen's lovely "blackout" piece below (I love dystopian settings so much! I'll definitely incorporate this development into our Pokemon stories) so I was all "I must write something! Preferably Pokemon related!" Didn't turn out that way because I realized that I need to hit the books for that. Seriously, I do research on the Pokemon world. I want to be accurate! I guess that's the paranoid student coming out in me. XD Because I'm on break right now til my next class, I just started a random tale that carries no significance. The first thing I wrote this year and it's not part of our worlds? Not an auspicious start...I've never been good at writing about one-shot, nameless people. ; ~ ; However, have no fear! I will continue to further the growth of our universe. Because I'm one half of Arceus and we can do that stuff ~ ;3 ...can you guess what probably triggered this tale? Haha~


It was storm season in Johto. Some claimed that the movement of legendary Pokémon caused the drastic change in weather; others held a more realistic view, pinning global warming as the problem. (Too many fumes released by Koffing in construction sites—something or other.)

Whatever it was that people believed, one thing remained unchanged: the severe weather conditions were problematic, even to a city as developed as Goldenrod. Flash floods often plagued route 34, and the emergency power supply wasn’t enough to sustain the city for very long.