Thursday, March 16, 2017

Green Thumb?

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus is really watching. I told my mom over dinner that it sometimes feels like God is not with me. But today was an interesting day.
I went to work and got to talk to this lady with vibrant arm tattoos, mostly of flowers. She said she was a gardener. A landscaper for a living or something. This piqued my interest as I always wanted to grow things but never got the chance to because I have no idea what I'm doing haha.
So I got talking to this lady and she recommended I grow some mesclun lettuce and carrots. I decided to go for it so after work I went to the gardening store mere minutes drive from my home and picked up some organic soil, fertilizer, a bin and seeds. My sister and I also got some pre-sprouted lettuce to plant in a bin the previous house owners left behind!
The cool thing is that today happened to be customer appreciation day which meant we got 15% off everything and it only happens every 3rd Thursday of the month. What weird timing. Is there no rhyme or reason to our lives? Is it bad to hope that in life things mean more somehow?
So now we have a little set up going to test things out. I'm planning to plant some flowers in the soil bed outside our home. I guess I don't have to water everything that often, do I? Hahaha. Green onions next I guess!

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