Sunday, January 31, 2016

Secret 2.0

hello, dear blog. i didn't think anyone read this, but in an emotional outburst one night my ex-boyfriend told me he had. so obviously, people must read it who stumble upon this as well? (do you think i'm boasting? this is my private space to express myself and record my life... people are free to think what they wish.)

so, 2016 is here. this year july, i will be a quarter of a century old! i feel myself aging as well. did you also know i moved to a new home? i suppose people have no choice but to keep moving onwards, leaving the past behind.

my new room still has pink walls, and now i have all-white furniture. i posted photos of my new room on fb, but have been so lazy and neglectful towards my blog... i'm just unmotivated, i guess. but i have had my nails done through the holidays and i want to share those designs, because ever since i left lolita fashion (temporarily~???), nail designs have been my passion. so here~

my latest nails, late jan~feb are valentine's themed.

i chose an overall pink/red heart theme, with 3D glitter hearts and a mini-corset pattern with a 3D bow in red. i really like the 3D bunny ears on my ring finger and thumb. various small pearls are placed throughout the set too! so the bunny ears are like a headband. i like the "love" sticker and little pearls on my pinkies as well.

i had a really lovely christmas theme nails too! these were for december.

i wish i took a better photo of this set, this is one of my favourites but the quality is so poor. oh well~ 

i decided to get disney bears, duffy and shellie may, painted on my thumbs~ and people really loved the nude snowflake design (i guess it's the most "basic" that relates to everyone haha). my favourite has to be the 3D stones christmas tree and wreath with the 3D bows!!! they're soo cute! and the present-wrap nails were pretty much filler nails.

lastly, my set for november after halloween was a basic coffin-shaped fall-coloured design. i remember really loving the shape. enough said~

i'd have to say that my favourite nail colour has to be nude, like nude beige or nude pink. dusty colours appeal to me more than bright colours. additionally, i love the colour pink, but i'm really not a fan of hot-pink nails.

i wish i had a general direction while blogging, but this is more of a free space to dump my thoughts than an organized blog. i'm trying to get more in-touch with myself these days since i feel i've become alienated and trying to hard to fit in with being "basic". so we'll see how 2016 goes, and who stays or leaves and who comes along.