Friday, January 31, 2014

For those of us that celebrate, today (or yesterday for those in Asia) is Chinese New Year~ since I live in Canada, we are a day behind. In any case, I heard the year of the horse is supposed to be good for people born in the year of the sheep~ which would be yours truly~~ Well, here's hoping!  All I really did was eat dinner together with my family and receive a couple red pockets. For my family, CNY isn't too big of an event since all my relatives are in HK.

I recently made a beaded poodle as a gift~ It was my first time to make some sort of craft for a looong time! I am sort-of proud of making this, but I don't know how much the recipient liked it!!!

My bead poodle, "Pearl Choco"~

I based this craft off of a real poodle that the recipient owns at his family house~ a small toy poodle called "Choco". I really thought this might be a special gift -- you know, receiving something handmade? But who knows, maybe nowadays all people appreciate are gifts bought with a lot of money...

I remember people who didn't bother appreciating my gifts. People who just threw my gifts in the garbage or gave them away to other people... but I forgive them. I can't change other people and their nasty personalities, but my life has no room for negativities! I am living a happy, positive life with all my loved ones and those who choose to betray can exit my life and I have no regrets~ 

Also, I got a membership last month(?) to the Robert Lee YMCA in downtown Vancouver.  I got a plus membership. I have been hitting the gym a lot lately! Which is so great for my health. Sometimes I am so lazy to drag myself there, but my anchovy always motivates me. Hehe... I feel myself growing stronger and slimmer, too. I bought a lot of new workout gear, such as lululemon tights, Nike shorts, etc. and it really boosts my confidence to look good in the gym~

lululemon patterned tights & lululemon LE ruffled hem tank~
and of course, my new nike sneakers *^^* so comfy...~

I see some girls in the gym "working out" in converse shoes, or not properly tying up their hair... to me, that is NOT proper exercise. Converse shoes are flat and they don't support your stance or provide cushioning for your step when you run... people can end up with heel/foot/leg problems. I can't help but silently 'tsk' at these people... If you are going to go to the gym, then I feel everything dedicated to your body should be 100% effort, not half-heartedness... Running is actually a lot of strain on the knees. I know I definitely need more practice when it comes to my exercising form.

I'm not telling people to go decked out in expensive exercise brands, but at least wear something suited for exercise... I would feel so uncomfortable with long hair flaring all over my face and getting in the way! (I'm a bit of a shop-a-holic but I even bought lululemon's run for fun socks... 4 pairs!!!)

Anyway... I churned out a blog post! I hope I can be more motivated to write about my life. Not that I think anyone reads it! Ha-ha~~

School has been good. I met some new friends and spent time with old friends. Mostly, I've been in awe from taking my intro to sociology course... So much unfairness in the world. But perhaps if I become more educated, I can make a change? Maja~~?