Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Sunflowers

For April, I got a new set of nails and I didn't have much idea of what I wanted other than "mint green" and "sunflowers" so the technician took it upon herself and created the design.

For spring, I wanted a refreshing mint green with sunflowers!

I should start planning what my next set should be. I was thinking a blue set with an orange goldfish??? OR... hmm...???


Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Holiday 2013

I've been really lazy to update this blog.  It's in a very messy state, but much like other things in my life. But I will try and be more organized... (If this is even possible... haha keeping a blog updated is very time-consuming)

So, my dear father came back to visit during April, which is also the time of my little sister's birthday. She turned 18!!! So it was great for her, I ended up getting her a cute shirt with a kitty wearing red glasses, and a pair of red TOMS shoes. I think she is happy with it... I hope so!

On that Sunday morning the cherry blossoms around our neighbourhood were in bloom so I was able to take some photos! And some of them, my dad was in the picture as well.

Attempt at being artistic~~