Saturday, December 22, 2012

Caffeine Dream

Drank too much coffee in the afternoon at work today and now I cannot sleep... Sigh.

I found the Sheep Garden Round JSK in Beige! I was scouring Mbok and located it; it's like it popped up by ~magic~. My lovely SS snatched it up and I hope it will arrived to me within the next couple weeks. *^^* Stupid Christmas / holidays where the post office slacks! I want my goods, damn it!

I also caved and bought the Sugar Hearts cutsew in white. I swear that print and I have some magical connection because I own like everything from that series. •__•

I wish I could sleep! *cry*

I have work tomorrow and I am going to be so tired.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holy Night & Sweet Sheep

Hi, dears. Today was a stressful day because of emotional reasons, but I hope everything turns up soon. (Why do I always find myself talking like that..??)

Anyway, I'm sure everyone already knows, that I really love sheep! I am still on the search for Angelic Pretty's "Sheep Garden" JSK, I cannot believe it is so hard to find! A local lolita in my community owns it, and I rather like the beige colour because I have too much pink in my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I love pink, but I want to have a variety of dress choices! But I cannot find it either in pink or beige, how sad. *sniff*

Lately I have been eyeing "Holy Night Story" in military switching version. If I buy it, it will be my first black dress..! For those of you that do not know, it looks like this:

image: angelic pretty

I sort of want to get it because the military-style appeals to me. The headbow has two little hanging gold stars on either side. I don't know if I really want to buy it because it seems like it would only be a "holiday print" that wouldn't have much use outside of Christmas/winter months... ^^"

Today I sold a dress I impulse bought, I thought it would be a good idea to go over it for my records because I won't be buying it again. The print I sold is called "Mary Sweet Sheep" JSK from Baby the Stars Shine Bright~ I took some photos.

Overall, a very classic sweet dress.

Close-up on hem details.

My favourite part of the dress, these two lambs.

The hellolace page doesn't have detailed shots of the little lambs in the print so I took some myself. They aren't really noticeable overall. I impulse bought it but only tried it on once at home. Although I love sheep, I only bought this dress because I wanted Sheep Garden, but couldn't find it. I hope the new gal likes it and puts it to better use~

~ Thanks For Visiting ~

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moii Christmas Party

~ Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale ~
Headbow & JSK: BtSSB
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Socks (unseen!!!): Angelic Pretty
Shoes (also unseen rotfl): Dream V

Hello, all. I just got back from briefly attending a Christmas gathering... I was sick but I wore Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale in strawberry chocolate (pink).

I feel like I am not vain enough to be a lolita. I don't much feel like posting about myself or.. my coordinates

Anyway, thanks for visiting! I will write more when I'm feeling better.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guided By A New Era (Not With Elegance)

I've been watching episodes from Sailor Moon S and I am in love with Michiru and Haruka's relationship. I love this particular season.

What bothers me is how Usagi is the main character, but she has no redeeming qualities at all (besides the obvious generic "friendship/loyalty" virtue that every Sailor Scout has). The supporting characters are much cooler and have character depth, but Usagi is a useless whiny cry-baby. I am not fond of Usagi's personality; she is far too childish for me, but nevertheless I watch for the development of the side characters.

Aaaa my heart is melting from all the sweet Haruka x Michiru doujinshi I read. It makes me have so many feels. I have this inner yearning to write and draw and fangirl, but for some reason I can't bring myself to do any of it. (Laziness, maybe?)

This past weekend I've been selectively watching the episodes with HaruMichi moments. It's too cute to see them together. I hope that in the new 2013 season coming out in the summer doesn't disappoint me. I want the censorship of Haruka and Michiru's relationship to stop. However, I'd be happy simply to see the characters again.

Nothing really eventful happening in my life except for working and final exams. I feel very detached from my life. I feel I have lost my interest in a lot of the things that I once appreciated and held a passion for in the past. I wonder what I can do about these feelings.