Friday, November 23, 2012

November Update

A photo from a November meet I hosted~

Hi, all~ It's been a while since I've properly written anything. I've been very preoccupied with school and working to purchase more rori~~ Not to mention, Christmas is coming. I am thinking Shan wants to buy me the first gift of a Lolita dress! ^^

Don't understand? Well, Shan said she will buy me my gift for Christmas, and I was thinking perhaps it can be Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale in ~Chocolierre~ version! I am so lucky, but I was wondering my true opinion of the pink dress. I found the set for the dress and the matching headbow.

I never gave much thought to the pink colour way until my friend discover the set for me today.

image: baby the stars shine bright

After some deep thought, it seems this is the best colour way for me for many reasons. Pink is the colour of a sweet Lolita. I believe the pink shows the print clearly (no contrast for ivory version, whereas the brown and black colours are "too harsh").

If this is a gift from Shan, I will treasure it. It will be the first Lolita dress she ever buy me. If I am able to find a nice white blouse to go with my dresses, that will be even better!

In the meantime, I have ordered pink and brown blouses. I hope they are to my liking... I can't wait to put together a "Chocolate Honey Cake" coord, perhaps I really should get Royal Chocolate barrette and OTK socks ?

Also... I've been very lazy lately, and not wanting to wear false eyelashes all the time even when I really adore falsies... == Bad, bad me... also the fact is I need to order more contact lens, because I do not wear circle lens at work. It is not "professional image". Especially as a representative, one needs to be conservative and know their limits. There are so many stupid people out there who do not know or agree with this; no wonder they are poor without a good job! Who will want to hire someone who isn't presentable to represent their company??? Surely I would not!

"There's a time and place for everything! But not now." They must have missed the memo~~

My school days:

Wore my Q-Pot macaron necklace with Emily Temple Cute macaron JSK to school~~

Cynthia was so kind~ She bought us red velvet 'Movember'-theme cupcakes 'coz I wanted them! The bake sale raised money for cancer research.

Many thanks for visiting~~

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Makeshift Deco-Nails

New nails~~ ^^

I got them done to tie me over for the holidays. I tried a different salon along Broadway; it was so expensive... For sure, didn't really suit the quality. I must return to the original salon I went to with Viki. However, I very much like the beige colour the lady chose for me~~ Very lovely.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Chocolate Pancakes!

I found this image of a BEAUTIFUL lolita that I saw on Tumblr, and she amazes me!!! She is so gorgeous, and what a creative theme with "chocolate pancakes"~~ ugh swoon!!! I fangirl over gorgeous gals.

She has the AP biscuit clips, the Tokyo special version of AP's Honey Cake and the Royal Chocolate socks I'm jealous for. I don't dig the shoes, but this is such a fresh twist.

Beautiful ~~ I want to try this with my Honey Cake as well!

image: noblechaos

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chocolate Fascination~

Want ~ this version of Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Originally I was a fan of the ivory version, but I realized I like the "Chocolierre" version for its lace at the hem, and I did not like the ivory colourway's ties at the bust being brown. Besides, there is better contrast between the print and the colour with the brown colourway~~ Oh, I cannot wait until it is mine!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ETC Love: Biscuit & Macaron!

Exciting news! In this lovely fall of 2012, I have obtained two more Emily Temple Cute dresses to join my darling closet~~ The iconic Biscuit JSK, and the fan-favourite Macaron JSK!! I am very lucky to be having these dresses arrive to me, and they came attached with very hefty price... but worth it to pay, as long as I get to wear them happily. *^^*

Lovely biscuit JSK in ivory~~

Close up of the print~~

Macaron JSK in brown!!!

What a lovely pattern...~

I cannot wait until both dresses arrive so that I may inspect them more carefully. They should be arriving either this week or early next week!

Thanks for visiting~~!*^^*

Friday, November 2, 2012

Teddy Patissier

Teddy Patissier high-waisted JSK
An old dress from 2007. So cute!

There is want. XD (But very little chance to obtain.)

image: metamorphose temps de fille

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crocodile Hunter?

I bought my first ever crocodile print blazer yesterday. It's a lovely piece Victoria helped me pick out from BCBG. Normally I would think this print too daring and bold, but I will try my best not to be intimidated by it.

I've been brainstorming ways to wear it. I'm thinking light coloured (or dark/black) top, with fitted dark jeans or a skirt with a gold necklace. Maybe even a dress and heels? =)

image: bcbgmaxazria

And here is me wearing it to eat brunch in Richmond with BB:

o gawd my face ;www;

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