Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Night's Mini-Party

Last night, I went and visited the new TOPSHOP that recently opened downtown. I didn't get a chance to look at many of the hair accessories, but I saw a cute white dress that I fell in love with. Effie-esque and everything. (Or as other me put it, "Very Lady Gaga"!) It ended up not working out for me. =3= Shan and Viki both walked away with lovely new purchases... but lately I haven't had much luck finding things I want to buy. Sob~~

At around 7:30PM, the three of us went to dinner at La Vallée in the hotel. Dear lord, it was mediocre at best. There seemed to be only ONE hostess/waitress, and the food took FOREVER to arrive! We were sitting there playing a drinking game with our glasses of wine, we were so bored. The menu was similar to a pub/bar menu, which is a disappointment in itself seeing as the decor seemed to mimic a more fancy restaurant's design. Food was so-so, nothing spectacular. (Though that's to be expected...)

The best part of the night was the four of us chilling in my room drinking beer, eating fried chicken and sunflower seeds. XD We tried to continue the drinking game from the restaurant but it didn't work out too well. It was still a wonderful night though, in my opinion anyway, I had a good time. ^--^"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Need For Glittery Bows

I want to buy glittery hairclips like the ones from 6% Doki Doki.
I wonder what a good alternative would also be?

image: electric alice

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Deco Nail Day

Other me and I went to do our nails at a salon. She got gorgeous, custom Halloween-themed candy & pumpkin nails, while I opted for a light-hearted look with gold, pink, pearls and stars. I am not too fond of the shade of pink used, but the ladies insisted a dark colour was needed for better contrast and more suited to the "winter feel" rather than "summer feel".

My nails remind me of the circus. And Star Night Theatre. (No idea why, SNT is not even really related!)

Got my nails done. Haven't had long nails in a long time!

Cannot wait to theme my next nails which will be ETC biscuit dress themed! In just a couple weeks I hope. =)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Wonders of OTK Socks

Angelic Pretty makes the most adorable... socks. That's right, socks! I find myself yearning to buy loads and loads of their delightfully patterned lolita legwear. It's a shame that most of the prints I want aren't easily found. ;_; /cry

I've always had a weakness for lolita socks and I have bought a handful of them at exorbitant prices. I guess I should start spending that money elsewhere! But they are just too cute (*´▽`*)

Royal Chocolate - Mocha
image: angelic pretty

Dude!!! These have little gingerbread men + cakes on them! XDDD But they are socks from an old print. I found them in black on mbok, but I don't know if I really like black.

Black: http://www.mbok.jp/item/item_380126097.html
Pink: http://www.mbok.jp/item/item_380432475.html

Country of Sweets - Ivory
image: angelic pretty

There's a pair I want from Baby's AaTP brand too~ but this design is still sold on their website. =3

image: alice and the pirates

It's kind of a waste to spend a lot on legwear though. Tights are a far more versatile and money-saving investment. A lot of lolita don't bother with fancy socks and opt to save that money to put towards dresses. Off-brand legwear is more conventional as well, because socks tend to get ruined quickly so spending a lot on them isn't very smart. (This is my rational mind attempting to kick sense into my consumerist self...)

On a different note, my girlfriend has taken up an interest to get fit through doing more exercise, possibly going to hot yoga with me. I am not entirely sure why she suddenly likes hot yoga, but the other day she went and bought some Lululemon shorts. (一。一;;) I never thought I would see the day...

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

ETC Plushie Print

One of my favourite dresses from Emily Temple Cute is the "Plushie Print", more popularly known as the "Chocolate and Toys" JSK. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the colour way I wanted, too: pink! (Though it also comes in saxon blue.)

image: emily temple cute

The dress is a dusty pink with an adorable border print of stuffed animals, polka-dots and chocolate. The shoulder straps and bows are made of velvet, adding a soft touch to the dress. A subtle border of clovers, spades, hearts and diamonds lead down the dress into the print.

Close-up of detailing at the bust~~

Close-up  of the adorable print~~ Poodles and zebras, oh my!

My beloved shopping service was able to find the socks to match the dress as well! They are going to arrive to me soon~~ They are lovely over-the-knee socks with a matching chocolate pattern and bows. I cannot wait for them to arrive. They will arrive along with my newly won biscuit dress!

Since there are not many images of Emily Temple dresses, I just thought I will share mine. =) It really is a lovely dress so for anyone thinking about getting this JSK (or the OP) I highly recommend they do, because it's very versatile~~! ♥

Some gals prefer their dresses to have lining, but ETC dresses tend not to have this. I don't think it should be much of a problem when wearing a light petticoat and a sweater underneath, though!

However, ETC sizing tends to run smaller than other brands. There *is* back shirring, but it doesn't give much extra. Maybe only stretches to about 36" bust, I'm guessing..? I'm around 32-34" bust, so it's still quite roomy for me. XD /sob

Now, if only I could find some of the nice ETC turtleneck sweaters I saw on the hello lace page...


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Effie!

Earlier in October, when my dad came back from Hong Kong for a birthday/thanksgiving visit, my parents and I went to Richmond Auto Mall to look for... a new car for moi! (^.^)

It's a big deal because I only recently got my 'N' from taking expensive driving courses with my European instructor~~ Anyway, I was surprised at how quickly we went and bought a car. •___•" Not many people buy a car on their first trip browsing dealerships... But our family did~!

It turns out we bumped into an auntie and uncle which were my parent's old church friends. They had connections with a sales person there. (They also purchased a Civic that day.) That, couple with the fact that Honda Civic was on promotion, sealed the deal.

Originally we were considering a Yaris or a Fit or maybe even Fiat, but I am glad we ended up with a sedan! (Four doors are seriously convenience win.)

I was torn between silver or white, but I'm glad I went with my gut and got white! The white is called "Taffeta White", and seeing as I am also a big Hunger Games fan, I knew my car's nickname was meant to be Effie! ♡

Happy Honda Days~~! May the gas prices be ever in your favour!

My first car =3

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Table For Three @Burgoo

Last night I got dolled up because A) Wonder Story is my favourite dress at the moment and B) It was rainy so when I got back from work I was a tad disheartened. Seasonal weather affecting thing, you know! Wearing my frilly dress cheered me up a bit.

Happy with my BtSSB hair combs, new Prisila wig & AP's Wonder Story!

Close-up of the print and my Sugar Hearts bag. A lot of people think it's cute!

Vincent swung by my home and we picked up Viki and drove to a bistro on Main Street called "Burgoo". I had my first taste of this bistro when I first started working at Fido at the beginning of the year. (Main's Fido store is right across the street from Burgoo.)

I had a fantastic time~ Vincent ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with crab bisque, I had a wonderful Hungarian beef goulash with mashed potatoes, and Viki ordered this delightful aged white cheddar fondue with green apple slices and bread cubes. Everything was absolutely heavenly. Besides from the usual bothersome people and stares, I had a great time. Viki and I ended up splitting Vincent's bisque. Burgoo promotes itself as food for comfort, and I definitely felt very comforted enjoying this meal with my friends.

Delicious ~

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sugar Hearts Love

A jumperskirt I have become really fond of is Angelic Pretty's "Sugar Hearts". The white colour way is my favourite, and I've been brainstorming ways to coordinate it~ It is a very wonderful summer dress, but fall is approaching already! Today it was already very rainy on my way to work. =(

image: blogspot / livejournal

I've noticed it's very popular to wear a (pink!) bolero over the JSK, but I personally don't want to cover up the amazing detailing on the bust of the dress:

image: lolilibrary

I've always had a penchant for candy hearts. This light & airy chiffon JSK is simply fabulous! However, all the cardigans/boleros/blouses I bought have been so finicky and don't sit well with the dress, imo. I guess I have no other choice than to keep wearing it with the lacy AP blouse I have... ~sigh

My favourite candid shot with Batman and Bane! @Cos&Effect2012

My cheeks were still swollen from wisdom teeth removed... @Cos&Effect2012

Hope to coordinate something nice with this dress soon! ♡ ♡ ♡
It was one of the first prints to join my dream dresses family~~

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wonder and Biscuits

My wallet is crying! I have recently obtained AP's Wonder Story JSK in wine, exactly in the version I wanted (round). I chose this version because the lace at the hem is red, instead of the usual white, and for the overall feeling the dress gave me. I am so happy to have these lovely dresses in my collection. I swear it's like an addiction; expensive, yet useless and rewarding. What a sad, sad life to be a Lolita... *cry*

I am still having trouble finding things to match my Sugar Hearts JSK. I guess I will just keep wearing it with the lacy pink blouse from AP. Nothing else to do about it... ^.^

So sad haven't been able to fully wear Lolita lately... But hopefully this weekend, I will be able to, and that makes me very happy..!

Another happy thing is that the dress I want from Emily Temple Cute has finally popped up on Mbok! My shopping service, a lovely person, has found it for me. ^^ The price is currently at 25,500yen (approx. $325usd!) So effing expensive.

image: mbok

I sometimes wonder if I should resell some of my dresses to earn back the money I spent.. but I just cannot bear to part with any of them at the moment...!

Need to put together a revised wishlist, for the future.

Poor Effie. I need to remember to pay my mom for the insurance every month. Poor me...!

Having high tea is what Lolita do best ~ ♡

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