Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smile Like You Mean It ~Echoes~

Greetings, wherever you are at the moment! I am lame beyond belief and have been humming “Let it Snow” pretty much all day. I need to stop that, right? Right! XD But I only started to do that cause, well, it started to snow. At least Christmas tunes make sense now and I wasn’t bastardizing classics during the summer (was there ever a warmer or more wonderful season? ;w;) I was blinded by flurries of snowflakes as I wandered, I tell ya! Everyone is panicking in typical British style; no, we won’t freeze. C’mon guys, remember what Maya had to endure and think twice before complaining!! I want to go tobogganing. AND I WILL. O lol lol. Although the last time I went I got bruises all over cause of crashing into those potato sacks or whatever. It’s fun on your way down but coming to a stop hurts. Oh, sweet, sweet pain…there are plenty of winter activities that will make you kiss your money goodbye. Things like a spa in the mountains. Sleigh rides. Restaurants with a cozy fireplace ambience. Everything entices me so easily. Damn tourist traps!

I am so delighted right now; you have no idea…or perhaps you do. Hehe. Why is the Epik4 amazing? Because we said so. Everyone else can just deal with it. I mean, we share an elaborate world with our friends! We haven’t succumbed to the grayness of reality. People who just work and sit around herping & derping (xD!!!) have no idea what they’re missing out on! I for one quite enjoy keeping my imagination alive. However, this is only possible with the support of my dear Karelos! I don’t wanna be too sappy cause I know that’s unappealing but I just adore her~ *long pause* …and those other guys. D; LOL I’m kidding, it’s a family of well-loved individuals except Noctis wait what, I never said that okay! He does look different though. Not that I would know because I’m not all up in his face on a regular basis.

…not that anyone else is. MOVING ALONG. Besides I’m sure he’s a busy man now, wrapping up production on his game. Or not. It’s impossible that it’s not done yet! I mean, if Cloud were in charge, everything would have met the deadline long ago. But Noctis doesn’t wanna follow rules so things stretch on forever. Someone needs to tell him to get a move on. Although he’s probably delaying release because he’s aghast at the thought of being seen with Stella. XD

“Her face takes up the whole screen. No one will even see me. Pity.”

Possibly he’s a diva in that dark, dark heart of his. I mean, he does have tons of crystals everywhere… o gawd I hope he doesn’t resent my comment, ahaha. It’s harmless okay. Don’t use one of your countless weapons on me, please!

“Why don’t you ask Karelos about my special weapon?”


Here, I have something for you! It’s a family portrait of sorts. And it’s rather…scary. I mean, just look at the outfits! There are plenty of things I could’ve done with this colour scheme but no, I went with this stuff. LOLOLOL. Noctis and Joshua chose to opt out because they knew what would happen to them at my hands. xDD Roxas really got the short end of the stick. Hope he’s not traumatized for life!! Cloud knows he’ll never live it down, either...!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Side By Side ~Echoes~

Good afternoon and the start to what promises to be a very eventful week! Bring it on! :0

Okay, so at first I didn’t know what you were referring to but when I watched the clips…OH MAN I REMEMBER THAT SHOW! What a blast from the past. Can you guess who I liked best? ..okay I’ll spare you the theatrics. Yup, that’s right: Nefer-Tina! Catgirls forever, yo. XD It’s so fun when you re-discover old gems! I watched a lot of television back in the day (after-school cartoons anyone?) so there must be lots of old tv tidbits lurking around in my mind I mean, everyone knows Pokemon, Digimon, etc. But there were lots of others… I asked someone if they knew what Medabots was and they had no idea! That’s more recent than Mummies Alive, even. There was this show called Monster Ranchers (what’s with all the “M” titles?!) as well but I was NOT a fan. That eyeball character with the bandana was so annoying! I didn’t like the male lead either. Otherwise I liked various shows to a lesser or greater extent. This is true for a lot of people but I was a total Sailor Moon addict. I clearly remember watching it when I was six. Plus I had the dolls and even the moon scepter or whatever it’s called. I used to fight my brothers with it, lolll. The American dub screwed a lot of stuff up apparently but I still enjoyed it. I was totally one of the kids who thought that rice balls were donuts (as portrayed in SM and Pokemon). Yeah, pretty dumb, but I know better now!! Thank god.

To my amazement Pokemon is still hooking kids even now! There were two little girls trading pokemon cards in Costa and one of them said “This is Pikachu! It’s my favourite! :D” So cute. Is it odd that I wanted Pokemon cards too at that very moment? I had a great collection back in the day… my pride and joys were my shiny gyrados and wigglytuff. I had them both in those plastic sleeves so they wouldn’t get damaged. Where has all that enthusiasm gone? All work and no play dulls the spirit. I know I have to be responsible adult but yeah. Can’t you explore all aspects of yourself, whatever your age? Sure you can. Believe it! /shot

Also I read your story (draft??) and it totally surprised me. I mean, I know Karelos and Cloud have problems, but it looks like they’re teetering on the edge of their relationship. For real this time. D: And even Noctis isn’t enough of a distraction? Guess he no longer has a purpose then... I don’t even know! Everything’s falling apart. The attraction is still there though so that’s something, even if it’s physical. Perhaps Karelos needs to breathe for a while and then see whether she and Cloud fit together after all. They do say familiarity breeds contempt. Not sure how true that is but it seems accurate in this case. So, if Cloud goes back to Germany, Karelos would miss him. Or if she doesn’t that’s an answer right there. I’m sure Tifa would be more than happy to take him back. o_o Lol poor Cloud if that’s the case… whatever happened to J anyway? Is there still something between him and Karelos, or are they just friends who get along swimmingly? I know they were together at one point but I’m not sure that relationship had any substance beyond a summer fling with a prince…

If only I had read yours before I wrote mine… now mine doesn’t work so well. Lololol. As you’ll notice, it involves a somewhat happy CK. See it as a contrast of the good times and bad times? Hopefully things between them patch up. Or if not, perhaps Karelos can get over him with Kratalie. Hehe… here’s to more stories from us! (:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Afterlife ~Revival~

"My other car is a chariot!" -- Hot Ra bumper sticker XD
I've been watching an old cartoon from my past: Mummies Alive! Call me stupid but I DON'T CARE, that show was so cool. X3 I HAVE THE BIGGEST FAN-CRUSH on Ja-Kal! Is that scary? Because not only is he a cartoon but he is a re-animated mummy sworn to protect a reincarnated pharaoh boy? XD LOLOLOL!

It aired from 1997-1998, 42 episodes for season one. What I like about it is the character designs, how the episodes are written (witty and with plenty of Egyptian-related puns!) and overall, everything is lighthearted and when things get serious I'm always rooting for the mummies! Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon(?) and Nefer-Tina are just overall nifty. XD I love how they recycle the transformation, just like in Pokemon, Digimon & Sailor Moon back in the day! OH, CHILDHOOD in the 90's! S-weet~~!

I missed watching it, I wish a collection for home television was available but alas! There is only the internet to satiate my need! XD TO WATCH~~!!

I also had a strange dream last night that I had a camera time-machine capable of bringing me back to the place and time of videos it had recorded. For example, in my dream I had a video 88minutes long, shot back in high school (not real high school, but an alternate reality high school of sorts). The camera would be able to take me back to that time, but only for 88minutes. So I dreamed I was taken back to the past where old friends were and instead of choosing me for some sort of gaming event, the teacher chose my friend instead. And in the dream I went up to her and said "Would you believe that I'm from the future and instead of choosing me in this scenario like before, the teacher has chosen you?" She said something like "No, that's bad, that isn't how it's supposed to be..."

I was running out of time and I wrote this letter basically saying I dearly loved her and to show me the letter in the future (2010) but not to let past Karen see 'coz that would mess up something in the fabric of time or whatever. The background setting was in the school grounds, a forest of some kind. I woke up in disarray as my time ran out, realizing it was only a dream and there would never be any letter.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cameo ~Echoes~

Maya held her hands over cyndaquil’s back and he happily obliged with fresh flames. Soon the chill melted from her stiff bones. Whatever did those poor souls with water pokemon do? Her crouching position was awkward but she didn‘t want to sit on the damp ground. She glanced at her boots; they were in surprisingly good shape after the hike. Mt. Silver not having many visitors contributed to its pristine environment. Maya resumed using a wall as support. Already, the warmth had begun to leach from her hands. Many trainers had some sort of fetish with fingerless gloves. Even if those were in fashion (it seemed like they were a staple of wardrobes everywhere), Maya would be satisfied with a normal pair.